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Web Site Optimization Articles 10 Easy Tips to Consider in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keyword being the weapon of your success in SEO, use those keywords that are directly related or targeted to your business theme.

Take care not to over crowd your sites content with keywords and use keywords throughout the content rather than concentrating it at the beginning or at the end.

Back-link or inbound link is important, so build links with potential partners that can generate profit to your site.

Choose good title and Meta tags- Good title makes good move on page optimization, and suitable, targeted, theme based, precise keywords and phrases in Meta tags help spiders find your web pages more easily.

Design your site that clearly represent your business and make an easy navigation based on your keyword research. Make web pages that are easy to load. Dont make pages with large images, if images are necessary; make a thumbnail of it and link it with full image page so that you can add more pages and text in it which spiders love to crawl.

Make your web pages content rich with keywords and phrases that hit your business. Add more contents that give precise information about your services and products.

Offer something unique than general contents i.e. add more articles at least one per month and update your

contents regularly and add new resources.

Add more content to your website but never make it duplicate by copying others work. Duplicate content is easily detected by search engine and make your website unqualified for ranking and kicked it off completely from search engine.

Take advice of trusted advisor or Search Engine Optimization Company for site optimization and marketing your website rather being duped by false promise maker.